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Andrew about 18 hours ago

Beef Brisket Sandwich

LEGIT BBQ! The food, atmosphere and service are amazing! Even if it's your first trip they make you feel like a regular! The brisket is the best in So Cal and if you haven't tried the wings yet you're missing out!

Dhernandez9918 10 days ago

Southwestern Chicken Salad

Love this salad very fresh and filling, it's a must with the bbq ranch dressing.

Josh 11 days ago

Baby Back Rib Plate

When it comes to ribs in our area, they don't get better than these.

Kolin 13 days ago

Pulled Pork Pile

Pulled pork was amazing Live in Y.L. Come in about once a month and have tried several different sandwiches & Ribs, everything has been great, good service

Mibmib18 22 days ago

Blake's Chef Salad

Had this with the wife today we are on a keto diet and this was amazing!!! The smoked turkey and ham was the best addition to this chef salad i will be recommending to all my friends who are doing keto diet as well b we will be back probably tomorrow! Thank you big MO 951 227 8796

Samantha 22 days ago

Beef Brisket Sandwich

We love you all!!! Fabio is the best !! Thank you for always taking care of us ! Sam josh and levi!

Julia 22 days ago

Ortega Chili Melt

This sandwich with smoked turkey is fantastic. It has great flavor. I come to Blake's place specifically for this sandwich

Ron 22 days ago

Smoked Meat Plate

I get the brisket, Turkey, chicken breast, beans & potato salad. YUM YUM YUM 😎

Lewis 22 days ago

Beef Brisket

Sliced Beef Brisket is the best!!

Araceli.Brightpkg 27 days ago

Beef Brisket Sandwich

The beef brisket sandwich is one of my favorites at Blakes. It's tender, the meat is not dry and always perfectly cooked. We always go with my husband and my two little kids and of course we always have to grab the baby back ribs platter and we just shared everything. We have taken family member for the first time and they also love the food. My kids LOVE the garlic bread.

Melanie about 1 month ago

Baby Back Rib Meal

My husband and I both loved the smokey BBQ flavor of these ribs. They are tender and absolutey delicious. The beans were perfectly cooked with just the right amount of spices. We also loved the coleslaw with a just the right amount of dressing. I am from the South and I know good Barbeque and this is definitely Gooood BBQ! We will be back!

J about 1 month ago

Pulled Pork Pile

Our favorite!

Linda about 1 month ago

Pulled Pork Pile

Excellent, excellent! Way too huge for one person unless they are very hungry. We shared this and still had leftovers. It is so tasty and I'd love to have again but need a "share buddy". Everything at Blake's is so yummy and we go often. We have given many people their address and high ratings. We love this place...and the new patio. Thank you.

Geedella about 1 month ago


A friend of ours introduced us to Blake's Place and we instantly fell in love. Blake's is definitely our #1 BBQ spot in so Cal! Brisket is to die for. Ribs are meaty and's just beyond Yummie. And OH the wings! Our next adventure is to try their turkey for the holidays. I love to give their sauce as a convenient and easy gift. Bottom line, you've got to try BLAKES!

Lwall1914 4 days ago

Blake's One Pound Bomber

This sandwich brought back memories of splitting a huge delicious Bomber with my father as a kid. Fresh bread, tons of meat, and one of the best sauces i've had from a bbq restaurant (which was a pleasant surprise). I also ordered a side of baked beans which had the right amount of meat in them. Its a must try!

Isabelh 10 days ago

Blake's Big BBQ Plate

This plate is for the BBQ lover. it is so filling. the Tangy sauce, the tender meat, the sweet beans and coleslaw OMG you are in for a treat. This by far is the best BBQ I have eaten in a long time. You wont regret trying this plate. I even had leftovers for dinner! Blake's Has the best BBQ in Orange County.

Josh 11 days ago

Blake's Smoked Wings

Sweet chili are my favorite!

Joan 13 days ago


Their BBQ Ribs are the best. We always enjoy every bit of them.

Daron 22 days ago

Southwestern Chicken Salad

I've been eating at Blake's Place since the doors opened more than 20 years ago and have tried virtually everything on the menu, but my all-time go to favorite is the Southwest Chicken Salad. For a twist, try it with chicken strips instead of the grilled chicken. You can't go wrong at Blake's Place, either in the cafe or having them cater your next event. My favorite place

Sandy 22 days ago

Beef Brisket Sandwich

I had a beef brisket sandwich for the first time. The flavor was amazing. I can't wait to go back! Wow! 😋

Cesar 22 days ago

Blake's Chicken Sandwich

Excellent food, excellent service.

Robin 22 days ago

Ortega Chili Melt

OMG! The best sandwich I have ever had! The beef brisket was so tender and flavorful! It literally melted in my mouth! I loved the combination of cheese, ortega chile, and tomato on the fresh roll! #1 in my book! Thank you Blakes!

Taylorsusan814 26 days ago

Beef Brisket Sandwich

This is my favorite brisket sandwich. It's the only thing I ever order from here.

Alt.Lynn about 1 month ago

Pulled Pork

Best pulled pork ever!! No one else is even a close second . We love Blake's !

Nick about 1 month ago

Pulled Pork Pile

I have been a patron for about 5 years and this sandwich never disappoints. In fact, it exceeds my expectations every time I order/devour it. This sandwich has ruined all other pulled pork sandwiches for me. l have become a BBQ "snob" thanks to Blake's Place. If it's not Blake's Pulled Pork Pile... then I don't want it. Seriously.

Richard about 1 month ago

Baby Back Rib Plate

Always great food 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

Tena about 1 month ago

Pulled Pork Pile

Oh Mercy! I ordered this delicious banquet on a bun during a group lunch one day. Thought I'd be able to finish half and take the rest home. After sharing, I still couldn't close the to-go box on the leftovers. Seriously, this is great bbq. The meat was very tender, juicy, well seasoned, and the slaw, pickles and onions were the perfect additive. Oh, and always extra Blake's bbq sauce! 👍🏽🤗❤️

David.Sloverchaffeyfb about 1 month ago

Tasha's BBQ Trio

Absolutely one of the best you can get to sample multiple meats. Brisket, Pork, Chicken. I subbed the slaw for Beans. Everything was moist and the bread was baked to perfection. this place is better than famous daves, Lucille's, or Tulsa Rib Co.